Visual Quality - Handbook documents

Whilst you create handbooks (i.e. folders) in the module Handbooks, you use the module Handbook documents to administrate the content of the handbooks, or the handbook folders.
This is where you gather all the documents (like procedures, instructions or perhaps registrations forms) in a logical way which makes sense to your quality management system.

The picture above shows the contents of a handbook (Environment). The handbook contains 6 documents.

By default the valid documents (or rather document versions) are listed. You can choose to see draft versions, approved versions and historic versions by selecting from the Views list in the toolbar:


Administrate documents for a handbook folder

You can manage documents for a handbook using the command Document in the toolbar. The administation dialog for handbook documents are shown:

The section to the left shows the entire document folder structure created in the Drafts module. When you select a folder, its content is listed. Note that only one version for each document is listed, not the entire chain of document versions.
To the right the documents added to the selected handbook folder are listed.
By using the buttons > and < you can add documents to the handbook folder or remove documents from the handbook folder. Further, you can change the order of the documents in the handbook folder by using the buttons Move down and Move up.
The documents in the modules are shown in the order selected in this dialog.

Note: If case notification for Required Reading is turned on in System Administration adding a document - which has a valid version - will cause Visual Quality to send a notification email to all users of the handbook folder. Here's an example:

Empty handbook folder

You can remove all content (documents and users) from a handbook folder using the command Empty handbook in the toolbar.

Print handbook folder

You can print all the documents in a handbook folder by choosing Print handbook... in the toolbar.