Tutorial 1

Installation/Setup - Installing Visual Quality

This is the first in a series of video tutorials on how to use Visual Quality and Visual Quality Web Access. The video demonstrates how to install Visual Quality Enterprise on a computer.
The steps involved apply to a single-user installation as well as to a server installation in a client/server setup.

Tutorial 2

Installation/Setup - Setting up Visual Quality Web Access

Once you have installed Visual Quality on your PC you are just a few clicks away from getting Visual Quality Web Access up and running as well! This tutorial shows the steps involved and shows you how to configure Visual Quality Web Access to suit your company's needs.

Tutorial 3

Installation/Setup - Installing Visual Quality Alert Service

The zip file you downloaded from the download section on www.visual-quality.com also contains the installation program for Visual Quality Alert Service. In this video we show you how to install the service.

Tutorial 4

Document Management - Creating a document

It's a short video which shows you how to create a document folder, add a document to it and import an attachment to the document.

Tutorial 5

Document Management - Approving a document

This tutorial shows you how to approve a document and shows how to view the different versions of the document. The approval process in this tutorial is set to be Simple.
A later video tutorial will show an example of Advanced Approval where multiple are involved in the approval process.

Tutorial 6

Document Management - Adding documents to a handbook

This video demonstrates how to add a document to one or more handbook or handbook folders.

Tutorial 7

General - Drag and drop in Visual Quality

Visual Quality offers to a large degree drag and drop for the most used operations. The video shows some examples.

Tutorial 8

Documents - Integration with Microsoft Word

In Visual Quality 8.7 you can insert document data (for instance fields and lists) from Visual Quality into Word documents by creating a template based on Visual Quality's default Word template. This video shows you how to do it.