Visual Quality - Qualifications

The module Qualifications lets you create and maintain qualifications in the quality management system.

The picture below shows the module in Visual Quality. You can access the module panel Basic Data in the navigation menu.

By default the module uses the view Simple List, but you can get more detailed information by selecting the view Detailed List in the toolbar.

Creating a qualification

You can create a new qualification in the current folder using the New command in the toolbar. The data sheet for the new qualification is shown.

The Generel tab

Id. Id for the qualification. This is unique, hence two qualifications in the same folder cannot have the same Id

Name. The name of the qualification

Description. Description of the qualificaton. Use the built-in HTML editor for the description

The Statistics tab

The 4 fields on this tab page are automatically filled out when the qualification is saved. These fields cannot be edited.

You save the data for the qualification by chosing the command Save and Close in the toolbar.
Esc cancels your changes and closes the window.

Editing a qualification

You open the data sheet for the qualification by chosing the command Open in the toolbar.

Create relations to Users and Roles

Click the command Relationships in the context menu for a qualification to create relations to User and Roles:

In this dialog you can create relationships to users and roles for the selected qualification using the button > and remove existing relations by selecting them in the list to the right and click the button <.