Visual Quality - Search

The command Search in the toolbar is available in all modules in Visual Quality. The screen shot below shows the search dialog in Visual Quality.

You can search after objects i all modules, all document modules, specific dokument modules as well as all other modules in Visual Quality.
All fields for an object (i.e all fields in the data sheet) are applied in the search.
For documents you can choose to search the attachments in the search as well. Futher, you can specify whether the search should ignore case or not.
You can extend the search criteria by selecting the Date modified tab page:

Here you can filter the search even further by specifying a date interval for the object's creation date or modfied date.
Below are shown the search results for the text 'and' in all documents, incl. their attachments:

In the example above you can open the data sheet for a document in the result list. You can also open the document's attachment.