Visual Quality - User Setup

In the menu Tools you find the item Options. Denne kommando viser en dialog med ops´┐Żtningen for den bruger der er logget ind.


All settings are specific to the user currently logged in.


Show tooltip. If checked, tooltips are shown for commands in toolbars and menus.

Warn before permanently deleting objects.
If checked, Visual Quality will ask for confirmation before deleting an object.

Don't show 'You are already logged on' dialog. In case you are logged on to Visual Quality from one machine and try to log on from another machine, Visual Quality will by default display a dialog with warning message. This dialog allows you to log off from the first machine before you log on from the second machine.

Language. Select language. This will be the language used in both Visual Quality and Visual Quality Web Access.



Startup database. Select the default database for Visual Quality.

Show tip of the Day. If checked, the Tip of the Day dialog is shown at startup.

Ekspand Favorites. If checked, your favorite folders in Visual Quality will be shown at startup.