Visual Quality Configuration Utility

Visual Quality Configuration Utility is installed in the same directory as Visual Quality. The program file for Configuration Utility is called  VESConfig.exe and just like Visual Quality you can find a link to it in the Windows Start menu.

The program is used to configure Visual Quality on the machine it is installed, both on the server and on the clients in a client/server setup.

Below is a screenshot of Visual Quality Configuration Utility.


Visual Quality Configuration Utility allows you to create multiple configurations. By default the program contains the configuration TEST as shown. You can create a new configuration by clicking the button New..:


You can delete the current configuration using the Delete button.
All data on the 4 tabs are are saved as part of the current configuration. Data is saved in the Windows registry database under the current Windows user.

The pages below go through the 4 tabs in Visual Quality Configuration Utility.

VQ Alert Service