Visual Quality - Handbooks

The module Handbooks allows you to create and maintain all electronic handbooks in the quality management system.
A handbook is a collection of documents (like procedure, instructions or registration forms) defined in the Documents modules and as such handbooks may provide a better and more logical view of the documents in the system than the document folders in the Documents modules.

As it is the case for the other modules in Visual Quality you can create any folder structure or hierarchy, see Administration of folders.
In the handbook module folders at the root (or top) level are referred to as handbooks. In the example above there are 3 handbooks: Environment, Management and Production.
Sub folders are referred to a chapters or sections, or in more gereral terms: handbook folders.

Create a handbook copy

In a handbook folder you can create handbook copies by selecting New in the toolbar. A handbook copy represents a physical handbook, i.e. a printout of the entire contents of a handbook. If you don't intend to print handbooks an keep the printouts, it is not needed to create copies of handbooks.

Delete a handbook copy

You can delete a handbook copy by selecting it in the list and choose Delete in the toolbar.